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Welcome to the website of R.E.D. Laboratories !

R.E.D. Laboratories is a biotechnology company developing tests and therapies for chronic immune diseases. We actively pursue basic research programs to unravel the mechanisms leading to chronic disease development, and provide clinicians and researchers with unique and innovative tools to assess immune dysfunctions.

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Our request forms (see below) have been updated on September 7, please download them from our website.

New tests: D-lactate, L-lactate, MMP-9, Ammonia in serum, Tularemia IgM, Brucella serology.

SPECIAL PROMOTION : 55€ instead of 75€ for IMMUNE BALANCE (Th1/Th2 Balance) URINE KIT (Europe only)


Please visit our Sample Preparation web page for detailed instruction about shipping your samples with our FedEx account.

Upcoming Events:

We are present on France Lyme Conference (Paris, November 14 2015)

Initial Integrative Chronic Lyme Panel

In order to offer better management of patients with chronic and/or persistent infections that are very difficult to uncover, it is important to focus both on direct pathogen detection as well as on indirect supportive tests, including tests for gastrointestinal issues. During last ILADS Conference in Augsburg, Dr Rahbar emphasized that “Patients with “chronic”/persistent Tick Borne Diseases (TBD) presenting PRIMARILY with Gastrointestinal Manifestations”.

Following many discussions with specialists in chronic infections management, we at R.E.D. Labs are launching the Initial Integrative Chronic Lyme panel (see IICL panel for more details). 

Contact us for more information.


The Urine Balance Test aims at detecting alterations of the Th1/Th2 balance. The test allows patients and doctors to follow-up on Th1/Th2 balance during therapy and to evaluate whether the treatment is really effective. In addition, the test also provides a tool to check the effectiveness of over the counter sold products claiming to balance Th1/Th2 status such as: anti-oxidants, probiotics and other. Thus far Th1/Th2 profiles can only be determined in specialized laboratories with blood-based tests practically hard to be performed repeatedly over short periods of time.
SPECIAL PROMOTION : 55€ instead of 75€ 

Metagenomics Stool Analysis (MSA test)

A new, state of the art procedure for stool microbial population analysis is now available at RED Laboratories. Our metagenomics stool analysis is based on bacterial 16S PCR amplification followed by high-throughput sequencing. It provides a complete overview of bacterial populations present in a stool sample, including aerobes, anaerobes, and bacterial species which cannot be analyzed by traditional culture techniques.

See Intestinal Dysfunction Assays page for more information. Results are now available in 5-6 weeks.

Nagalase Activity Testing Analysis (NAGA test)

Nagalase (alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) activity testing on both serum and plasma is now available at RED Laboratories. As of January 1st 2014, the results for Nagalase testing done at RED Laboratories will be reported as a group containing the values for (i) apparent nagalase activity, (ii) Gc-globulin concentration, (iii) corrected Nagalase activity (i.e. effective nagalase activity) in function of the major natural substrate competitor Gc-globulin and (iv) an alternative immunomodulator enzyme for which we have choose Dipeptidyl-peptidase or CD26 present on T and B lymphocytes and macrophages as well as in numerous other cell populations in the body.

 Please see the Nagalase page for more information.

See Nagalase Testing Request form for full information on sample preparation and shipping.

Important note regarding testing

Only health care practioners (physicians) have the capacity to decide whether or not a test is necessary. Depending on the medical history of the patients, they will decide which analysis should be performed and the conditions of sample collection. Result interpretation can only be made by a physician. We will not accept samples for analyses which have not been requested by a physician. Results will be sent only to the requesting physician. We will not give testing advice, or test result comments, directly to the patients.

Upcoming Events:

We are present on France Lyme Conference (Paris, November 14 2015)




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